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Habit Correction

Thumb/Finger Appliance

Thumb or finger sucking in young children (under the age of 4) is a normal occurrence and usually should not be a cause for concern. However, thumb sucking in older children can lead to significant dental and orthodontic problems.

Thumb Habit Appliance

Most children will stop thumb sucking on their own before dental problems develop.  Older children will frequently stop sucking after they begin school as a result of peer pressure. Thumb sucking after the permanent teeth have started to erupt (ages 5 to 6 years) frequently causes dental problems.

  • Open Bite | Insufficient vertical overlap of the front teeth (an open bite) is the most frequent dental problem associated with thumb sucking. Placing the thumb in the mouth prevents the upper (and sometimes the lower) front teeth from fully erupting and thus produces an open bite.
  • Horzontal Overlap of Front Teeth |
    Thumb sucking can also result in forward movement of the upper front teeth and distortion of the bone supporting the teeth, which results in an increase in the horizontal overlap of the front teeth.
  • Crossbite of Back Teeth | Crossbite of the back teeth (when the upper teeth abnormally fit inside the lower teeth) is yet another problem caused by thumb sucking. Cheek pressure placed on the back teeth during sucking moves the upper teeth inward and leads to a narrowing of the upper jaw.

The extent of the dental problems caused by thumb or finger sucking depends on the frequency and intensity of the sucking and at what age the thumb sucking is discontinued. Some dental problems may self-correct once the sucking has stopped, while others require orthodontic treatment for correction. A Thumb Habit Appliance can assist your child in stopping a thumb sucking habit.