Foods To Avoid While Wearing Braces

Once treatment begins, we will review and provide a list of foods to avoid. Basically, it includes foods that are sticky, gooey or hard. And, no biting on nails and no chewing on ice cubes, pencils or pens or other foreign objects.  Most emergency appointments to repair broken or damaged braces can be avoided by following our instructions.

Any food that contains sugar or starch can cause tooth decay by dissolving the protective enamel on your child’s teeth. In fact, 90 percent of what kids eat (including foods like bread, cereal, and fruit – all essential to a healthy diet) contain sugars and starches that can lead to cavities. However, the real issue is not the amount of sugar or starch in a particular food, but how long it stays on your teeth. For example, some of the most damaging foods are those that mash into the tops of the molars at the back of the mouth and don’t dissolve quickly – like  gummy candy or starchy chips and crackers. Lollipops, fruit juice, sports and vitamin drinks and soda are also major offenders since they douse teeth in sugar for minutes at a time.

Make it a habit to swish your mouth with water after you eat or drink. If you have braces, it’s best to brush after you eat anything.

Calcium-rich cheese cubes or sticks are a great cavity-fighting snack, since they can actually stimulate the flow of saliva (a natural tooth cleaner) and neutralize the mouth acids that wear away enamel.

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